Located on over 20 acres between Bellville and Hempstead, Texas, TOUCH RANCH has been formed to serve the retreat needs of churches, corporations and nonprofit ministries, family reunions and special events. At present there are two lovely homes, a Conference Room, a Pavilion, and two lakes on the property. The facility at present provides 37 beds in 10 sleeping rooms. One house has a fireplace and two small group cluster rooms and the other has a large living room often used for child care.

Family style living is provided, with meals prepared or facilities available for cooking by those renting the facility. Throwback fishing and swimming is available. The setting focuses on the bonding of people together into community.

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TOUCH GLOCAL www.touchglocal.com utilizes the premises for courses taught during some parts of the year and many weekends are already reserved by the cell groups of the TOUCH Family www.touchfamily.com. If you would like to book a weekend or weekdays available, click here to see open dates.